Coming Home to Yourself

A Series of Personal Growth Courses

For Unique Individuals Who Have the Following: 

  • courage to engage in self-reflection
  • ability to step away from the mundane and try something new
  • openness to explore different perspectives
  • desire to foster an open heart
  • longing to discover what truly matters
  • curiosity to know more

Honor yourself.  Know your own worth.  Enjoy greater equanimity.  


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Let me introduce myself...

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I’m Doris Curry, LCSW, and I'm on a mission to support you coming home to yourself in a deep and meaningful way and to demonstrate how playful engagement and creative image expression can be useful to you.  Why am I on such a mission?  I believe I can provide you with the tools to live life well.  I envision that if more people come to know themselves in this way, they can then be part of a select group of present-day humanity that lives with daily intention to make a positive difference.  Such a personal effort has the potential to nourish our world in ways we may not be able to fully comprehend.  We need this.  Our society needs this.  I believe it all trickles down and out.  I’m inviting you to come hang out with me a while and see if what I am compelled to share with you will help satisfy your desire to be your best you.  Not only will you gain personal benefits, you will also be contributing in a poignant way to your family, your workplace, your community and the world at large.  I’d love your company and would love for you to join me on this quest.

Come on Home to Yourself

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